Nursery & Children's Church Volunteers
Nursery and Children's Church General Policy
1) The Nursery is provided for ages Birth - 3 years. Toddlers will be allowed to stay in the nursery until their fourth (4th) birthday, at this time we ask that parents/guardians begin taking the child into the Sanctuary until time for Children's Church.

2) Children's Church is for ages 4-7 years old. Children will be allowed to attend Children's Church until their eighth birthday. Children's Church is a time to help children transition from the nursery to church. The children will stay in church until an announcement is made for the children to meet their leaders down front and leave the sanctuary together.

3) When first-time visitors come to the Church, parents/guardians will be greeted in the nursery foyer and requested to complete an information sheet. These forms will be updated as needed. This should be given to the Nursery Director, who will place the information in a binder that will be accessible to all workers. All new families will be given a tour of the Nursery Area/Children's Church so that they feel comfortable with our facility.

4) When a child is left in the nursery, a tag will be placed on the child and a tag that corresponds with the one on the child will be given to the person that left the child. This corresponding tag MUST be presented to the nursery workers in order to pick the child up. We ask that parents label diaper bags, bottles, sippy cups, as well as all personal items with the child's name.

5) Reducing the amount of traffic in and out of the nursery area enables the workers to better care for the children. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the children that assigned workers are the ONLY people who should be in the Nursery/Children's Church areas.

6) Background checks will be part of the protocol for any person, 18 years and older, working with or supervising in the Nursery or Children's Church. All workers must submit to and receive a satisfactory background check.

7) During all Church services there must be two (2) people supervising the Nursery and two (2) people supervising Children's Church at all times. One worker in each class must be 21 years of age or older, the other person can be a female 16 years or older. In case of married couples, the female is required to change diapers. The only man to work in the nursery is a husband helping his wife.

These policies have been established to ensure the best care and safety of the children we have been entrusted to care for.


Sunday Nursery

Please get someone to swap with you, if you are unable to keep nursery on your day. Then let me know of any changes.            THANK YOU, Becky

Children’s Church


Please get someone to swap with you if you are unable to do “Children’s Church” on your day.  Also contact the person helping you before Sunday. Let me know of any changes.

                                                                                                THANK YOU,


Wednesday Night Nursery 


Please get someone to swap with you if you’re unable to keep nursery on your day.  Then let me know who you swapped with.

                                                                                                Thank You,